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Common name: Polydichloroethyl ether tetramethyl ethylene diamine
Trade name: Bualta; Busan 77; WSCP; Mayosperse 60
CAS name: Poly[(dimethylimino)(2-hydroxy-1,3-propanedily)chloride] 
CAS No.: 31512-74-0
Alias: Poly[oxyethylene(Dimethylimino)ethylene(dimethylimino)ethylene dichloride];Swimming pool algaecide 
Molecular formula: (C10H24Cl2N2O)n
Relative molecular weight: Average molecular weight1000-10000
Structural formula:  WSCP 60%
Property: Mild smell, soluble in water,no foaming, stable. 
Use: Mainly as disinfectant for swimming pools; also as bactericide and algaecide for industrial water and other water system.
Toxicity: Non-irritant to huamn or animals, oral LD50 for rat is 3690mg/kg

200 kg plastic drum, 1000 L IBC,20 MT Flexitank


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