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Triclopyr Triethylammonium Salt 44.4% SL
CAS RN [57213-69-1] 


Triclopyr Triethylammonium Salt 44.4% SL
Mol. wt. 357.7 M.f. C13H19Cl3N2O3 Form Orange oil

Biochemistry Synthetic auxin (acting like indolylacetic acid).  Mode of action Selective systemic herbicide, rapidly absorbed by the foliage and roots, with translocation throughout the plant, accumulating in meristematic tissue. Induces auxin-type responses in susceptible species (mainly broad-leaved weeds, grass weeds being unaffected at normal application rates). 

TCP TEA: 1000 L IBC, 30 gallon plastic drum, 2.5 gallon plastic jug, 5 L plastic jug


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