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Common name cloprop (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO)
IUPAC name 2-(3-chlorophenoxy)propionic acid 
Chemical Abstracts name 2-(3-chlorophenoxy)propanoic acid 
Other names 3-CPA      CAS RN [101-10-0] unstated stereochemistry

Mol. wt. 200.9  M.f. C9H9ClO3  Form Colourless crystals.  Solubility In water 1.2 g/l (22 ºC). In acetone 790.9, dimethyl sulfoxide 2685, ethanol 710.8, methanol 716.5, iso-octanol 247.3 (all in g/l, 22 ºC). In benzene 24.2, chlorobenzene 17.1, toluene 17.6 (all in g/l, 24 ºC). In diethylene glycol 390.6, dimethyl formamide 2354.5, dioxane 789.2 (all in g/l, 24.5 ºC).  Stability Highly stable. 

Sodium Cloprop
Mol. wt. 223  M.f. C9H8ClO3Na

Mode of action Absorbed by the foliage and not readily translocated.  Uses Reduction of crown growth of pineapples, in order to increase the fruit size and weight in both plant and ratoon crops, and delay of maturation of fruit. Also used for fruit thinning in certain plum varieties.  Formulation types AS.

Sodium Cloprop 46 pct AS, 200 kgs net HDPE drum



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