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MAX (Rudong) Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a basic agrochemical producer located in Yangkou Industrial Zone, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province. The factory occupies 9.52 hectares land and currently, there are 210 employees including 30 chemists and engineers skilled in process development for both technical and formulation, chemical engineering design, QA and QC and, pilot production, commercial production. We are dedicated to provide our customers satisfaction with the timely delivery of the qualified products at competitive prices through:

1.Consistent innovation of the production technologies to improve the cost and quality.

2.Total Quality Control--- for all the Raw Materials, Intermediates and the Finished Products; QC through each and all the steps of production and, for each and all the batches of the production based on our internal standard and the specification in contract.

3.Efficient Logistics for timely delivery.

4.Registration supports: Developing registration documents for different markets.

5.Package and Labeling: Toll production of technical active ingredients and various formulations in bulk and/or consumer package with customer labeling.
MAX (Rudong) Chemicals Co. Ltd. has already established following production lines:

(1)Chlorothalonil 82.5% DF with a capacity of 2000 MT/a. 
(2)Prodiamine 97% technical with a capacity of 600 MT/a.
(3)Triclopyr 98% min technical with a capacity of 500 MT/a, together with corresponding production lines for triclopyr BEE 96%, Triclopyr BEE 61.6%EC, Triclopyr BEE 480g/L EC, Triclopyr TEA salt 44.4%.
(4)Sulfometuron-methyl 97% technical with a capacity of 200 MT/a.
(5)Thidiazuron 95% technical with a capacity of 150 MT/a.
(6)Fluridone 99.2% technical with production capacity 35 MT/a
(7)Trinexapac-ethyl 95% technical with production capacity 50 MT/a
(8)Dithiopyr technical 95% technical with production capacity 50 MT/a
Production lines for some other AIs are under establishment


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